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Like many of you, when we first looked into more efficient, secure and convenient ways for our customers to pay for their purchases from us, we were bewildered by the array of alternatives presented on the Internet and elsewhere.   We often found the same product or service being offered at vastly different prices and terms.

As a result of our initial inquiries, we undertook an exhaustive study of the electronic payments industry to learn the true nature of each payment system available, its capabilities and specific applications, the range and related costs of services and which products/services were most appropriate, considering company size, industry, customer-base and method of selling and collecting payment for those sales.

Phase Two of our effort involved the identification of service providers with experience, technology, integrity and a verifiable track record. Our focus was on quality and value.

In the final phase, we successfully negotiated strategic alliances with superior providers in each of the payment systems categories to market their product or service.

The result is that we now offer a complete line of payment systems products and services provided by companies committed to unparalleled value and product quality.

We've assembled what we are sure is the finest and most comprehensive payment systems line-up in the marketplace and we look forward to working with you to provide your payments questions...with FINANSWERS!

Check us out - you'll be glad you did!

A. Bruce Matthews, Jr.

You'll notice that we also list website hosting and design among our offerings in the side panel. When we checked out the incredible variety of hosting alternatives, we found none with the features we wanted for the money we wanted to spend - so we decided to develop and provide the most complete virtual web hosting program on the Internet ourselves - SiteAtion™ Virtual Web Server and Website Design!

With an ultra-fast, 2 Gigabit/second connection, our powerful server hardware insures that your site will be there when the url is entered. Whether your needs are simple - just your own home page, for instance - or as complex as an online virtual storefront utilizing leading edge database and cgi secure server online order forms, we can design a website package to exactly match your requirements. We are proficient in html coding for all features available with the latest web browsers and can help you create your website at very reasonable rates.

COMING SOON: We are currently evaluating the non-bank financing industry and are close to developing the capability to identify and match alternative financing sources for small to medium sized business and projects and to assist you in structuring your requests for financing to facilitate raising both debt and private equity investment capital.

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