Now You Can Accept Checks by Telephone
Fax and Online - Just Like Credit Cards!!

Do you find it surprising that the credit card industry is interested in and concerned about developments in long distance check payment systems? The reason is that most consumers prefer to pay by check. Consumers use credit cards because of convenience, however, a 1992 report concluded that 48% of consumers prefer to pay by check, 32% with cash and just 18% prefer to pay using a credit card! As more consumers approach their credit limits or are turned off by rising fees and interest rates, consumer interest in payment by check is expected to grow.

The National Credit Card Bureau recognized this threat to credit cards when it warned members that "recent technology allows the holders of over 200 million personal and business checking accounts, which contain $1.5 trillion, to now read the bottom of the check... to any direct marketer, telemarketer, or service bureau as payment when they make purchases or payments by phone, computer, fax or interactive TV."

With TurboDraft, you can now offer the convenience of credit card payment to all your customers with a checking account. Are you going to beat your competitors by offering this service first...or are they going beat you?

What is TurboDraft?

TurboDraft is an essential business development tool for all mail/telephone/fax/online order businesses! Until recently, such businesses had only one alternative to waiting for "the check in the mail" - accepting customer credit card information by phone, fax or online and processing the charge by keying in the customer's account information manually. This process requires that the company have a merchant account which allows "non-swiped" transactiona. Importantly,these accounts are more difficult to qualify for and are subject to higher discount rates.

Recognizing the need for a viable alternative, several entrepreneurs independently discovered that Federal banking regulations and laws permit the acceptance of voice, and by extension, fax or online authorization for check or paper-draft payments. Early draft creation software packages cost between $600 and $1000, too high for most businesses interested in adding this payment option for customers. As a result, service bureaus offering to process your checks for a fee came into existence. Because of the lack of competition, the high cost of the software and computer and printing equipment and the novelty of the concept, the enrollment costs and and transaction fees were (and continue to be) outrageous.

Now that most businesses have access to a PC compatible computer and laser (preferably) or ink jet printer, with TurboDraft, they can now accept checks by telephone, fax or even online! The software is easy to learn and inexpensive to buy.

Your Customers and Prospects
Will Benefit!!

* Immediate Purchasing Power!!
You'll be helping the 75 million consumers who don't have credit cards and those people who have reached their credit limit. Anyone with a checking account and money to spend can now purchase your products or services -- Fast & Simple!

* Credit-Card convenience!!
For any purchase, reservation, donation or deposit you'll be offering this new level of customer convenience to ALL your customers, allowing them to pay by phone, fax, electronic mail or online!

* A More Satisfying Buying Experience!!
By accepting payment with checks over the phone, you'll be eliminating the long delay in shipping products experienced while waiting for the check to arrive and clear the bank. Faster product delivery makes for happier customers!

* Impulse Sales!!
How many times have you lost a sale that was a sure bet if you'd been able to close the customer or prospect by accepting payment over the phone? Give your prospects or customers immediate gratification by closing the sale when your sales presentation or product has moved them to action.

You and Your Business
Will Benefit!!

* Increased Sales!!
Close each sale when your prospect or customer has already emotionally purchased your product. No more lost sales to the "Check's In The Mail" excuse or buyer's remorse. Turn all those promises into payments! TurboDraft is simple, quick and effective.

* Improved Cash Flow!!
Deposit the check drafts the same day you close the sale! No more waiting for checks to arrive from the customer or service bureau.

* Increased Business Productivity!!
By eliminating days or even weeks of mail delay in your sales cycle, you will be able to handle more customers with less paperwork and fewer steps in product fulfillment.

* Unparalleled Customer Care!!
Being able to accept check information over the phone/fax or online allows you to better service your customers by more quickly filling their orders - there are no COD charges and they receive their purchases just as quickly!

* Lower Costs Than "Check-Draft" Services!!
As an alternative to using TurboDraft, you can pay a service bureau a set-up fee of between $50.00 and $295.00, a monthly maintenance fee of up to $60.00 and a data entry and printing charge of $.20-$1.50 per check, in addition to a fixed charge of $.75 to $3.00 per check or, worse, a percentage of the check amount of up to 1.75%! Order TurboDraft today and you'll be able to print your own check-drafts, deposit them the same day instead of waiting for the service bureau-generated drafts to arrive in the mail days later, and save substantially in the process!

TurboDraft - Your Bridge
to Online Orders!!

ADMIT IT! matter how successful you've been with your web pages in motivating prospects to take action NOW... to order your product NOW... to give you their money NOW, chances are you've lost some of them as customers if you've required that they print out your order form....fill in the appropriate information....make a phone call....send a fax....or snail mail you -- just to give you their money!

Quit blaming your web site! Quit blaming your prospects! Quit blaming the Internet! You can change all of this TODAY...with TurboDraft!

Do you currently offer credit card sales to customers, but find few online orders? Do you feel like you're losing credit card sales by not offering your customers a "safe" method of ordering online? With TurboDraft's own two step order system, you can change all of this TODAY!

TurboDraft and our 2-step order system offer credit-card convenience to all your customers! Close the sale NOW when you've successfully moved your prospect or customer to action!

Let's address your customers' concerns about placing online orders? Are you really surprised that few people are willing to enter ALL their credit card information into an order form? The Internet is a relatively new phenomenon, and we're all a little apprehensive about things we don't quite understand. It doesn't matter that this fear of exposure is exaggerated - it's real to your customers, and they're the ones that count! It doesn't matter that the actual risk to them is the same as giving their credit card to any merchant and that their rights and remedies are the same as with any credit card transaction. Regardless of the reality, your customer's perception of the relative risk is all that is important and must be addressed when implementing your online order system.

You could, if it's offered, arrange with your host server for your orders to be effected via a SSL or secure server, whereby all information submitted is encrypted. This alternative is expensive ($250 and higher) to set up and is often not compatible with all web browsers.

INCLUDED with your registered copy of TurboDraft is our own, secure two step order process which takes advantage of the fact that the "path" electronic messages take from one server to another varies randomly. What this means is that it is highly unlikely that two messages from one server to another would ever travel via the same route on the Internet. There is, thus, virtually no way that the information in these messages could be intercepted and reassembled urreptitiously.

The basic security offered by a two-step order process works independently of your customer's browser type. You can also utilize this 2-step system for both Web and email orders. This is an added advantage in those situations where your customer's browser does not support FORMS, which are needed to process the WWW orders. If this is the case, your customer simply selects the email alternative and you still receive the order!

When you download a copy of our TurboDraft software, you will get sample e-mail messages and web pages that incorporate our two step ordering capability. In fact, the web pages include most of the actual HTML tags you'll need. Modify them where indicated and you could be accepting check and credit card payments online in just a few short days. (Or, contact us and for an additional $50.00, we'll customize these pages for you.)

Whether you currently accept credit cards or not... TurboDraft (including your own online order and email order forms) can be your key to telephone and fax order success and your Bridge to Online Orders! All for Only $149.95!

Download and try TurboDraft TODAY!!!

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